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a man holding up a trophy while standing in front of a group of other people
palmeiras edits
a wooden sign with the words palmer and soccer written in white on it, against a green background
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a soccer player is holding the trophy in front of him and confetti falling from his mouth
Álbum de Fotos do Palmeiras
two soccer players are sitting on the ground and one is kissing the other's cheek
júlia on X
two green and white soccer jerseys laying next to each other on top of one another
a soccer player is running with the ball in his hand and looking up at him
Gabriel Menino jogou a final com lesão - Palmeiras Notícias
a close up view of the side of a building with a large sign on it
Papel de Parede do Palmeiras (Wallpapers) Baixar Grátis
Papel de Parede do Palmeiras (Wallpapers) Baixar Grátis - Nação Palmeirense - Blog da Torcida Palmeirense