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Commission for Thank you for your patience \(*u*) I drew a ship Actually I used some brush textures for this one but the lighting made everything smooth and it's not very visible at this size o(--&.

Shokill, Cyber Agent, Tenka Touitsu Chronicle, Youko (Tenka Touitsu Chronicle), Waist Up, Kariginu, Anime

Nice anime artbook from Tenka Touitsu Chronicle (game) uploaded by Arabella - Youko

Nine Tail Kitsune

ahri animal ears bare shoulders black hair braid breasts brown eyes cleavage detached sleeves facial mark fox ears fox tail heart highres kyubey league of legends long hair looking at viewer multiple tails outstretched hand single braid solo tail v

I want to sew these on a shirt

Stitch these wings on the back of a shirt for a new twist on the classic "angel on one shoulder, devil on the other" theme. Set includes both left and right wings - no need to flip the design. Dimensions listed are for one wing. or tattoo idea