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an orange background with black and white text that reads, i am tag im supermarkt ob wir schon die 2 coronwelle haben
Ich schaue jeden Tag im Supermarkt ob wir schon die..
the words are in german and english on a blue background with two emoticions
Kann mal jemanden den Mücken das mit dem Kontaktverbot..
a man with tattoos and piercings on his face
Corona-Humor: Ein best of Videos, Fotos, Karikaturen und mehr
a man with long hair and sunglasses holding an object in his hand while standing next to a toilet
Auch im Home Office sollte man Angewohnheiten nicht..
an empty beach with chairs and umbrellas on the sand next to the water in front of some mountains
Così non sarebbe male.. | - immagini divertenti, foto, barzellette, video
a man wearing a face mask with the words, when the bars finally open but masks are still mandatory
Wenn die Kneipen endlich wieder öffnen dürfen, aber noch..
Fictional Characters, Mario, Mario Characters, Pins
a man pushing a cart in a grocery store with an umbrella on it's back
A Day May Come Where These People Get Sick, But It Will Not Be This Day - 21 Pics