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an empty room with a fireplace and tiled walls
Churrasqueira Predial, Quadrada, revestida de porcelanato em Ribeirão das Neves
Churrasqueira Predial, Quadrada, revestida de porcelanato pelo cliente. Misrael – Vale Verde (Ribeirão das Neves). Orçamento 👉 www.FogaoaLenhaBH.com.br/orcamento 📱 WhatsApp 31 97315-5130 https://wa.me/5531973155130📱
a wooden table with four chairs around it
Área gourmet rústica: 80 projetos para inspirar o cantinho de lazer
a dining room table with yellow chairs in front of a flat screen tv mounted on the wall
a kitchen that has a refrigerator and some cabinets in it with a clock on the wall
a kitchen with bar stools and an island in the middle, surrounded by chairs
a kitchen with black counter tops and stools next to an island in the middle
a modern kitchen with marble counter tops and bar stools
a kitchen with an island and bar stools next to the counter top, surrounded by potted plants
a dining room and kitchen area with wooden ceiling beams, tile flooring and white walls
an image of a kitchen that is on instagram
a wooden table sitting in the middle of a living room next to a sliding glass door
there is a table and chairs in front of the tv on the wall above it
a wooden table with chairs around it in front of a tv mounted on the wall
Varanda gourmet: 110 espaços diferentes para você se inspirar