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two comics with one showing the same person
Jeito fofo de liberar o bankai Kuchiki Byakuya, Anime Kitten, Bleach Characters, Bleach Art, Bleach (anime)
Bankai! - Anime & Manga
Jeito fofo de liberar o bankai
the comic strip shows how to draw an animated character
Ultimate Prank by TyrantChimera on DeviantArt
Ultimate Prank by SubzeroChimera
an anime comic strip with two different characters and one is talking to the other person
an anime character with orange hair holding a guitar and pointing to the side, saying that he
two cartoon characters sitting on top of rocks with one holding the other's hand
the storyboard shows an image of two different scenes, one with black hair and one with
BLEACH - WTF Sidestory4 - Gift by Washu-M on DeviantArt
an anime character holding a coffee cup with the caption i'm the king
two anime characters one with red hair and the other with orange hair, both have speech bubbles
a comic strip with an image of two people talking to each other and the caption says
Bl - Happiness for You SPOILER by Gimpyslair on DeviantArt