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Winter darkness – Emerging From The Dark Night Wisdom, Motivation, Inspiration, Poems About Stars, Fear Of Love, Book Quotes, Soul, Star Poems, Wise
Winter darkness
Winter darkness – Emerging From The Dark Night
an image with the words i understand now that i'm not a mess but a deeply feeling person in a messy word
an open book with the words i will never have this version of me again let me slow down and be with her
A good book is magic
a poem written in black and white with an image of a bird on it's back
Whisper Back Daughter Witch | Witch quotes, Wisdom quotes, Wise quotes
Whisper Back Daughter Witch in 2022 | Witch quotes, Witch, Witch spell book
a wooden block with a quote on it that reads, it's hardest to be who you are if you did really well well at being who you're not
a black and white photo with the quote raise your words, not your voice it is rain that grows flowers, not thunder
a poem written in black ink with the words i feel small but so are stars from a distance, ten word poem
what makes people fall in love with you?