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a red scarf hanging on the wall
Finger woven sashes
an orange scarf with black and white designs on it hanging from a wooden pole next to wood planks
"Chénier" finger woven sash by Guillaume Marcotte
a pair of multicolored scarfs laying on top of a white table next to each other
Sash | Detroit Institute of Arts Museum
a red and white scarf with tassels hanging from it's side on a wall
Sash | Western Great Lakes, Native American | The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Sash, Wool yarn and glass beads, Western Great Lakes
three red, white and blue scarves are laying on top of each other
Fingerweaving Basics,finger weaving, sashes, garters, straps for sale
Finger weaving. Openface (oblique) fingerwoven sash (belt, strap). Material; 2 ply wool (14 wraps per inch). Pattrern; twined zigzag body, and twined dimond border. Colors; blue,red and white
a close up of a knitted cloth with different colors and patterns on the bottom
two blue and red scarfs hanging on a wall
a blue and green tie with writing on it
a colorful knitted blanket laying on top of a table
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Louise Vien (Métis): Finger weaving
a red, white and blue knitted tie hanging on a wall in a room
the Chénier Pattern
a multicolored crocheted shawl hanging on a wall with tassels
a piece of art that is on display