Freshwater Aquarium Fish

Collection by Beverly Bachman

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ダニオ・エリスロミクロン Danio erythromicron/“ミクロラスボラ・ハナビ” Danio margaritatus

ダニオ・エリスロミクロン Danio erythromicron/“ミクロラスボラ・ハナビ” Danio margaritatus,かわいくて、きれいで、かっこよくて、色っぽい。そんな魚の姿を、絵とことばで描いています。(スマートフォン表示非対応です。PC版でご覧ください。)

Often dismissed as being dull or drab, ricefish can truly shine if placed in a planted aquarium. These diminutive, peaceful schooling fish make the perfect addition to a calm community tank and are a terrific alternative to tetras. Tropical Freshwater Fish, Freshwater Aquarium Fish, Tropical Fish, Fish Aquariums, Fishing World, Sea Fishing, Carp Fishing, Fishing Tackle, Aquarius

Ricefish from the Genus Oryzias | Tropical Fish Hobbyist Magazine

Ricefish don't deserve the lackluster reputation they often receive. Here are some redeeming qualities of this fabulous fish.

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古代魚の幼魚たち Baby Living Fossils

古代魚の幼魚たち Baby Living Fossils,かわいくて、きれいで、かっこよくて、色っぽい。そんな魚の姿を、絵とことばで描いています。(スマートフォン表示非対応です。PC版でご覧ください。)

“Yoshinobori” 1 / members of the genus Rhinogobius (ヨシノボリの仲間 members of the genus Rhinogobius: uonofu 魚の譜から) Fish Drawings, Art Drawings, Fish Illustration, Illustrations, Terrarium, Fishing World, Freshwater Aquarium Fish, Types Of Fish, Fish Print

ヨシノボリの仲間 members of the genus Rhinogobius

ヨシノボリの仲間 members of the genus Rhinogobius,かわいくて、きれいで、かっこよくて、色っぽい。そんな魚の姿を、絵とことばで描いています。(スマートフォン表示非対応です。PC版でご覧ください。)

killifish / Fundulopanchax gardneri “UDI MOUNTAIN” by Adilson Borszcz on Flickr Nano Aquarium, Tropical Aquarium, Tropical Fish, Aquarium Aquascape, Tropical Freshwater Fish, Freshwater Aquarium Fish, Animals And Pets, Funny Animals, Chameleon Pet

killifish / Fundulopanchax gardneri “UDI MOUNTAIN”

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