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Picture of Arduino TFT Forecast Weather Station with ESP8266

This project, builds on Wunderground weather forecast via the Internet. 3 days weather forecast (Low&High temps, probably of precipitation, condition.

This instructable will show you how to make a professional looking bench power supply. A power supply that is fuse linked. A power supply that if and when the ATX power supply goes bad you can just unplug and replace it.

It's time to get plugged in for the Power Supply Contest! Check out these 33 projects and get ready to make your own custom power supply!

Transistores Par Casado - Nova Eletrônica

Transistores Par Casado - Nova Eletrônica

Dobradores de Tensão - Nova Eletrônica

Dobradores de Tensão - Nova Eletrônica

Como Captar a Energia do ambiente usando uma Antena

There are a lot of RF energy(unused) in our environment, by TV , radio channels, etc. We can capture energy of any wave by tuning same frequency resonating coil, but …

Build Your Own Long-range WiFi Antenna for Less than $100 - Inside Practical Sailor Blog Article

As most sailors have found, trying to use a typical laptop WiFi card to connect to a marina or yacht club hotspot doesn t cut it. A more acceptable compromise is an amplified WiFi card which can theoretically boost transmission power to about milliwatts.

Sensor de Raio X e Raio Gama - Nova Eletrônica

December 1895 - Wilhelm Roentgen performed the first use of an X-ray on a human- his wife's, Anna Bertha, hand.