How to Knit Hedgehog Mittens OH MY ;)

How to Knit Hedgehog Mittens - DIY

How to Knit Hedgehog Mittens – DIY -> make a hedgehog and an otter one for each hand and you've got John and Sherlock! now to find an otter mitten pattern… <-the hedgehog would have to be for the right hand, because John is Sherlock's right hand man :)

Sala de estar divertida dribla o visual rústico da madeira e dos tijolos - Estúdio russo int2Archtecture

Décor do dia: sala de estar divertida

The basement room has a cool, grungy and slightly kitsch style–complete with a bar–that rings perfect for a man-den. Very cool man cave

Stomp all you want with these baby Combat booties by Janet Tamargo

Combat booties pattern by Janet Tamargo

I know what I am making Jason and Andrea's baby.Ravelry: Combat booties pattern by Janet Tamargo.

Baby Booties - Free Ravelry Pattern.  i must learn to knit, i must.  i wonder if you get endorphines when you're finished, like running.  even if not, these are too cute.

Top 10 Free Patterns for Knitting and Crocheting Baby Booties

Knitting PATTERNThe Canyon Cowl Child Adult by Thevelvetacorn, $5.50

Knitting PATTERN-The Canyon Cowl (Toddler,Child, Adult sizes) Thinking saves carrying scarf and hat during winter.