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homemade go - go clusters are stacked on top of each other with text overlay
Homemade Goo Goo Clusters - Global Bakes
Goo Goo Clusters are one of my favorite childhood treats with layers of honey nougat, caramel, and salted peanuts all covered in chocolate! This old-school Tennessee confection was created in Nashville in the early 1900's and was the first combination candy bar in the US! Find out how to make nougat, caramel and how to temper chocolate at home!
homemade twix bars on a white plate
Easy Homemade Twix Bars
Easy Homemade TWIX Bars - No bake, and only 4 Ingredients!!! #twix #recipe #nobake #caramel #chocolate
chocolate and peanut butter cookies are stacked on top of each other
Homemade Butterfingers (3-Ingredients) - Plain Chicken
Homemade Marshmallow Eggs
homemade butterfingered eggs are cut in half on some shredded green grass with the words, homemade butterfingerer eggs
Homemade Butterfingers - The Shortcut Kitchen
marshmallows and graham crackers are arranged on a white tablecloth, ready to be eaten
One Sweet Mama's caramel marshmallows
2h 5m
sliced up pieces of bread sitting on top of a wooden cutting board next to other food items
several pieces of butter sitting on top of plastic wrappers in a metal bowl with spoons
Polish Milk Caramels from Scratch
Polish MIlk Caramels
bourbon bacon brittle recipe in a jar with text overlay
Bourbon Bacon Brittle
This bourbon bacon brittle is made with candied bacon, toasted pecans and bourbon. It's the crunchiest, most delicious brittle you will ever have.
1h 5m
some cookies are on a glass plate with the words sweet & salty george brown's
Sweet & Salty Georgia Browns
A chewy salted caramel is poured over roasted pecans then topped with a thin layer of rich chocolate. These are what you make when you love someone.
chocolate peanut butter eggs are being held up in front of an egg tray with other cookies
Peanut Butter Eggs
pieces of peanut butter fudge cake sitting on top of a counter
chocolate covered cookies in a white bowl with text overlay saying, no girl scout cookies needed
Samoa Truffles
homemade kitkat bars are stacked on top of each other and ready to be eaten
Healthy Kit Kat Recipe (Gluten Free, Vegan) - Bake It Paleo
there are many pieces of peanut butter on the table with honey in the back ground
Salted Whiskey Caramels
chocolate covered marshmallows stacked on top of each other with text overlay that reads, you're peppermint patty copycat recipe
York Peppermint Patty Copycat Recipe – Bad Batch Baking -...
Coffee Truffles - 3 ingredient snack!
a red bowl filled with gingerbread truffles
No Bake Gingerbread Cookie Truffles Recipe
easy and delicious coffee truffles on a white plate with text overlay that reads easy and delicious coffee truffles
Easy Coffee Truffles
some food that is on a plate with lemons in the background and water droplets all over it
White Chocolate Lemon Truffle Recipe
3h 0m
chocolate orange truffles with powdered sugar on top and the words easy chocolate orange truffles
Easy Chocolate Orange Truffles
a close up of a bowl of cereal
Butter Toffee Popcorn Recipe - Brown Sugar Food Blog
1h 25m
chocolate orange sticks stacked on top of each other with an orange slice in the background
Homemade Chocolate Orange Sticks are made with a delicious orange jelly filling dipped in melted chocolate. Simple chocolate candy recipe that is so easy to make!
chocolate peppermint grahams on a white plate
Chocolate Peppermint Grahams
Chocolate Peppermint Grahams are the perfect last minute holiday treat. Peppermint Bark gets a chocolate graham cracker boost! These holiday treats covered in chocolate and peppermint are easy enough for the kids to make.
homemade tootse rolls with chocolate and marshmallows
Homemade Tootsie Rolls | Imperial Sugar
a cake with chocolate frosting on top and the words copy how to make whatchamacallit candy bar recipe
Copycat Whatchamacallit Candy Bar Recipe
old fashioned recipe for jelly nougat candy
homemade salt water taffy in a bowl with the words, homemade salt water taffy
Homemade Salt Water Taffy
buttered rum caramels on wax paper with text overlay that reads, buttered rum caramels super soft and chew homemade caramels
Soft Rum Caramels | An Easy Homemade Christmas Candy Recipe!
chocolate caramel pretzel bars are stacked on top of each other and ready to be eaten
Salted Chocolate and Caramel Pretzel Bars
homemade big chunk marshmallows are sitting on a towel next to a bowl of peanuts
Homemade Big Hunk
chocolate espresso bar on wooden table with text overlay that reads, chocolate espresso
Chocolate Espresso Caramels | wanna come with?
Chocolate Espresso Caramels – combining three wonderful flavours into one delicious treat.
several pieces of cake sitting on top of a table with an orange in the background
Swedish Coffee Cake Caramels – Bakers Brigade
peanut butter caramel ice cream in a small bowl
Peanut Butter Caramels
a white bowl filled with raw meat on top of a pink and white table cloth
Raspberry Caramels
Raspberry Caramels - Jam Hands
salted almond fudge truffles on a plate
Salted Almond Fudge Truffles
there are some eggs in the tray and on the table next to it is an easter cake
3-Ingredients Easter Condensed Milk Truffles - Venezuelan Papitas de Leche
These are called “bolitas de leche condensada” which means Condensed Milk Balls. It’s like a truffle but made with condensed milk, of course, LOL That's why I called it Milk Truffle. #easterrecipe #eastereggs #milktruffles #bolitasdelechecondensada