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a wax stamp with an ornate design on it's front and back sides, in red
an ornate gold frame with scrolls and flowers on the edges, isolated against a white background
an apple with a heart cut out of it's side on a white background
. + •. 🃏 .• + .
stacks of money tied up to each other sticker on a white background with the words $ 100 written below it
a pink balloon dog sticker on a white background
"Balloon dog" Sticker for Sale by ABDEZIGN
two cherries sticker sitting on top of each other in front of a white background
black and white drawing of two hands reaching for the stars in the night sky sticker
a black cat sleeping on the ground with stars and moon in the sky sticker
"Pet the Void - Black Cat" Sticker for Sale by Raven Widowspell
a black cat wearing a blue witches hat
a black and white heart shaped sticker with a skeleton in the shape of a heart
three red lipstick stickers are shown on a white background and one is in the shape of a kiss
a black and white sticker with the words be currie - ous on it