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Monster doors - Halloween party ideas: Monster Doors

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15 Ideas to Make Halloween Easy, Delicious, and Fun

Simple idea for Halloween 'Mummy' Jars - old jars, covered in medical gauze/bandages with googly eyes. from Daily Savings (",)

Kidnapped! - cool costume idea

Kidnapped Girl - Halloween Costume Contest at

Halloween Door Decorations Something similar but less scary?

Halloween door is easy to make if you have ample creativity and ideas up on your sleeves. Look through the gallery for more such Halloween door decoration ideas.

Para sua festinha de Halloween ficar mais divertida, capriche nos detalhes! Algumas ideias são simples de fazer e bastante criativas.

Halloween: ideias criativas para a decoração da sua festa

Fang Napkin Holders Use plastic vampire fangs as napkin rings: Just roll up a cloth napkin and insert it between the top and bottom chompers.