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a three tiered cake decorated with purple icing and blackberries
Devil's Food Blackberry Bat Cake ⋆ Welcome to the Necro Nomnomnomicon
This post is another opportunity for me to embrace my two favorite deadly sins, gluttony & sloth. Gluttony because it's a huge chocolate bat cake that I'm gonna eat once it's done and sloth because I'm knocking out two very important dates with one epic bat cake: my friend Battywampus' birthday & National Bat Day!
a black and purple cake with flowers on top
Gothic Cake with Edible Lace
a purple and black cake sitting on top of a wooden table next to green apples
Spooky Poison Apple Cake That’s Perfect For Halloween - XO, Katie Rosario
a three tiered cake with purple frosting and black stars on top, decorated with an anchor
David Bowie and Prince
David Bowie and Prince - Cake by Kake Krumbs