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Visiting the Insanely Beautiful Cathedral Basilica of Saints Peter and Paul in Philadelphia

Visiting the Cathedral Basilica of Saints Peter and Paul is a great way to immerse yourself in Philadelphia's religious past. This is one of Philly's most beautiful churches.

Elfreth's Alley - Philadelphia PA

August 1992 - Elfreth's Alley dates to the early 18th century. Twenty years after William Penn founded Pennsylvania and established Philadelphia as its capital, the town had grown into a thriving, prosperous mercantile center. Philadelphians had abandoned Penn’s plan for a "greene countrie towne" and instead created a cityscape similar to what they remembered in England. Wharves welcomed ships from around the world and shops, taverns, and homes crowded the area along the Delaware River…

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Benjamin Franklin Post Office and Printing Press

In the 18th Century, Founding Father Benjamin Franklin was a well know printer. Working out of this shop in the 1700's, Franklin would print anything from documents to books. It was Franklin who wrote and printed Poor Richards Almanac. One of Franklin's biggest inventions was the printing press. This made it much easier and quicker to print papers at a rate of 10 times quicker. On the left side of the building is the oldest post office in America. It was started by Benjamin Franklin in the…

No One Likes Us

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How to speak Pennsylvanian in 10 easy steps

"I went to the crick with my neck-store neighbor and we caught a yuge fish!"