Cute way to hang keys for your apartment- we never lose our keys now! Quick and easy
You're like, really pretty. Love!
under the bathroom sink.
Words to live by: Ditch, Display, Stash:   Organizing Tips for Small Spaces | Decorate Small Spaces
Love the photo collage wall decor :)
Apartment Decorating on a Budget. Using shower curtains for curtains in other rooms and an over the door shoe organizer for toiletries.. Smart!
How simple and cheap! paper heart wall art, blogged at honeybee vintage - Click image to find more Home Decor Pinterest pins

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After my first job at the bakery, I started working in a restaurant. I was a dish washer. I also sold popsicles in a kiosk.
Gorgeous Fall Wreath - With your apartment number on it!  This will be on my apartment door this coming fall!
Add a few string lights to your pretty wine bottles to brighten up your holiday decor!
Organize your bathroom with a  shelf and maximize the room in your small bathroom. | Storage and Organization
Anyone interested in making their dorm room the envy of the rest of the floor - you probably are well acquainted with Tumblr and the many, many images of gorgeous dorm rooms that would make even the most talented interior designers swoon. Well guess what...
Make a box or folder just for take-out menus from various places around the school so you always know what your options are  Read more:
In a modern world where people post photos on their digital wall, photographs are no longer developed and physically displayed, yet photographs are still best when displayed in the corners of our home. Frames are conventional and boring one might argue yet displaying photos on your wall makes a different and stronger impact for people …
If you are in a suite-style dorm or an apartment, hang monograms on your doors. Great idea!  Use our vinyl monograms and peel off at the end of the year!
Laundry basket dresser so that it uses less floor space in your college dorm room. Label each basket with each roommates name