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Sofia by Lena Dunaeva//love her freckles//whoever began the whole hating on "ginger"'s thing was out of their mind.


One of my favorite memories as a kid growing up in Ky catching lightning bugs putting them in jars! Only I had to put them in old mayonnaise jar


cinema I really like going into new/old/different movie theaters. Seeing the same movie in different theaters makes the movie seem different as well.

Daniel Radcliffe as Harry Potter with Oliver Wood (Sean Biggerstaff) and behind them Fred and George Weasley (Oliver Phelps and James Phelps) in Warner Brothers' Harry Potter and The Sorcerer's Stone - 2001


This lovely friendship starts with a little peck on the nose. A tabby kitty meets a deer and greets her with a kiss and a sniff. "You are my deer now!" Kitty says. Photos courtesy of ©Kreative Capture.

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