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Bárbara Danzo
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Oh Pinterest how I love you and your hours of addiction. I am a big fan of at home workouts which I have talked about before and one of the best places to find these is Pinterest.   With July 4th tomo

I'm going to use my heart rate monitor to see how real this 1000 calorie burn calorie workout ( I am skeptical if it is 1000 calories but its something I can do at home so I will try it!

Veja como fazer uma luminária de nuvem para decorar sua casa ou mesmo sua festa! Os materiais são acessíveis e o passo a passo simples. Confira!

DIY LED Cloud Light - In a DIY kind of mood? (We know the feeling! This week, we've got a how-to project that'll make your room or nursery into a surreal and gorgeous space.

Aprenda a fazer uma luminária em forma de nuvem

Cloud lights ♥ one of the most awesome ideas ever. Use: cotton batting, a paper lantern, & 3 flameless candles. Pull at cotton batting til it looks fluffy & cloud-like; & hot glue it all around the lantern. Add lights to lantern. Clouds are ready to hang!