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High School Makeup Tutorial

A high school make tutorial for all my high school babes out there. This is a full face makeup tutorial for high schoolers and sort of like how I wore my mak...

Middle School Make-Up Tutorial

Sorry about the beginning just apply foundation a lover the face or liquid for a little more coverage. And apply and peachy pinky blush and the tutorial will...

17 Best Beauty Products For Teens In 2021

Are you looking for the best makeup products for teens to start your makeup journey? If yes, we have your back with our list of the 17 best beauty products for teens.

Minimalist Makeup Bag | 20 Products Capsule Makeup | Meg O. on the Go

Houston Beauty blogger Meg O. on the Go shares the ultimate minimalist makeup bag with a fantastic 20 product capsule makeup kit! Great for beginners, read more!


LA beauty blogger about makeup and skincare.

Back To School | Makeup For Teens

It's hard to believe it's that time of year. Several of you have already begun the new school year and some of you lucky ones still have a few days left of summer break. I've gotten a few questions lately from teens or parents of teens in regard to what products and techniques are appropriate. Thankfully I had women in my life to steer me in the right direction during my days of makeup exploration, but I think we all have a picture or two from those days that we look back at and think…

Back to School Makeup Kit | Ashley Brooke Nicholas

Whether you’re going back to school, going to back to work, prepping for the fall, or just looking for an excuse to buy new makeup (aka my everyday life), it never hurts to stock up on affordable and easy-to-wear makeup...Read More


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