Vertical Garden - Great for Small Space Gardening

Outdoor Planter Projects Tons of ideas Tutorials! Including this diy vertical planter from 'ruffles truffles'.

How to Grow Spinach in Pots

How to Grow Spinach in Pots

Learn how to grow spinach in pots, it is one of the vegetables that you can grow in shade and in any kind of space. It's one of the "dirty" vegetables on the "Dirty Dozen & Clean list. Grow your own organic spinach, without pesticides, and save money.

DIY HERB can also buy benches and sit on concrete blocks to make different heights :)

Look! Terraced Herb Garden

DIY HERB GARDEN :: Brilliant little terraced setup. Simple yet visually appealing. She kept the herbs in the original plastic pots, but put them in the galvanized cache pots for the lovely aesthetic. On the left appears to be an olive tree.

Growing Shiitake Mushrooms is Easier Than You Think

Episode 151 Shiitake Mushroom Cultivation I don't think shitake was what you use for stuffed mushrooms but I remembered you liked them.

9 Herb Garden Ideas - How to Plant

9 Herb Garden Ideas - How to Plant

I would have to modify this since my kitchen window is above the sink. And the Windows higher. Perhaps smaller?