Cameramen recording the lion roar for the MGM logo

60 Rare Photos That Will Destroy Everything You Knew About The Past. Cameramen recording the lion roar for the MGM logo

The original Star Wars cast seen just before filming

I LOVE Star Wars and this is a cool picture of the cast from the original movies (IV-VI) Harrison Ford (Han Solo), David Prowse (Darth Vader), Peter Mayhew (Chewbacca), Carrie Fisher (Princess Leia), Kenny Baker and Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker).

Charlie Chaplin and Albert Einstein

Charlie Chaplin and Albert Einstein. These rare historical photos show snapshots of some of the most famous people in history at very personal moment in their lives.

Madonna, Sting and Tupac hanging out.

Madonna, Sting, and Tupac. This is so rare. I can see Madonna and Sting sitting next to each other. but Pac? This pic is worth something.

Underwater Sculptures

Jason de Caires Taylor has created the world’s first underwater sculpture park with spectacular results. The works are close enough to the surface to be seen by snorklers and visited by divers but left to decay, deform and accumulate living plants as any

Steve Jobs sitting with Bill Gates discussing the future of computing in 1991.

In Fortune invited Jobs and Bill Gates to discuss the PC's future. Jobs was leading Next, and Gates was already a billionaire. They met at Jobs' Palo Alto home on a Sunday evening.

Arnold Schwarzenegger in New York for the first time in 1968

Arnold Schwarzenegger In New York For The First Time, 1968 30 Rare And Historical Pictures Of Famous Celebrities And Leaders

Queen Elizabeth during her WWII service.

Queen Elizabeth II, just a princess at 18 years old, after joining the Women’s Auxiliary Territorial Service during World War II. She trained as both a mechanic and military truck driver

Chuck Norris and Bruce Lee

60 Rare Photos (Like a young Chuck Norris & Bruce Lee.that's a lot of kick ass in one picture!

World's shortest woman 55cm!! 19 years-old!!

The world's shortest woman: Jyoti Amge, 18 years old and two feet tall

A giant skeleton...

These giants are biblically referred to as the Nephilim which is hebrew for "fallen ones." Usually, the word nephilim is misconstrued as "giants" not to say .