Arquitetura Tradicional do Rústico! Maravilhoso! Encantador!

Rustically Awesome Small Cabin in the Woods Tiny House Pins One of my concerns with a tiny house is the feeling of being too enclosed and cramped. This tiny cabin feels so spacious and lets lots of natural light in!

Olhando o outro lado de um móvel!

DIY pull down table. Super space saver, looks like a picture on the wall. This would be great in a small kitchen for two people, or a playroom for kids (make the picture appropriate for whatever room you’re in!) SO SMART.


In an open-air house in Kenya designed by Suzanne Kasler, more thatch overhangs the curvaceous, open-air shower-with-a-view. This would be an amazing outdoor shower for my dream pool.

Refúgio baiano ganha vida em 5 meses com referências regionais - Casa

Refúgio baiano ganha vida em 5 meses com referências regionais

aproveitar o L da despensa

I like the idea of a lazy susan in the corners! Organize Your Pantry (etc, incl shoes:): DIY Lazy Susan Pantry: This would be great for a small kitchen with limited storage space.

Handmade Matt’s Portable DIY Tiny Cabin (Video)

maybe next to combo unit for winter?) Handmade Matt: Kitchen and Bathroom Wagon - Off Grid Portable Home.//very nice bathroom.


Round window, cob fireplace, hanging herbs and copper pots, exposed wooden rafters.

is this the real life #2 - Cob House

wow sweet cob home nirvikalpa: “ “What is Cob?” Cob is a traditional building technique using clay, sand, straw and water- wet enough to shape, yet dry enough to build up without forms. The clay acts.

I am not sure I would want my whole house to be done like this. But I do like the casual coziness of this room. It would be great to make the benches into a thermal mass heater. Casa en San Pablo Etla-cob

Adobe and Cob home in San Pablo Etla, Oaxaca, Mexico. Many of the windows in the home are round and much of the furniture is made from cob. Bottom right of the picture shows a cob staircase leading to a sleeping loft