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the text on this page says, man up gods way 9 minutes ago god is not finished with your marriage
a quote that says, your family will be your biggest ministry and reponsibity that god will give you don't selte for someone that won't take
Wait for God to bring the right person.
a quote that reads, your partner coming to you about something you've done wrong is not a personal attack
a quote that reads god loves you so much that he will make it so that you would marry someone who is your best friend
Divine♥️Couples on Instagram: “💯♥️♥️God doesn’t play about His children. God loves you. He already has it planned. His plan is for you to be happily married in a secure…”
the words god will give you the marriage of your dreams and it will not be by your power but by the grace of god
a quote that reads i would lower my standards out of toneness, but that would be insulating my god's ability to provide and refuse to question how much he loves me
a woman of god needs a man of god, not just any man she needs someone who is seeking god first just like she is
Men of god first lady’s!
a quote that says, and suddenly your future husband will approach pursue and wife you
a poem written in black and white with the words biblical love is not emotions or feelings, but attributes and actions that seek the best interests of the