Color theory

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the coco movie poster is shown in front of an image of people and their guitars
COCO Wedding Ideas - How to Have a "Day of the Dead" Inspired Wedding
a bunch of different colored flowers on a purple background
Premium Vector | Cartoon mexican flowers, buds and blossoms, vector plants with colorful petals and stems, elements for Mexico Day of Dead Dia de los Muertos or Cinco de Mayo Festival Floral Design isolated set
the cover to jalisco
"Jalisco Mexico Mexican Flowers" Art Print by Fr33m4n1111
a guitar with flowers and skulls on it in the shape of a mexican ornament
Fondo floral abstracto diseño plano mexicano | Vector Premium
the color palettes for cinco de mayoo's color palette are bright, bold
Cinco De Mayo Paint Colors
Vibrant reds, sunny yellows, rich pinks, deep blues and greens evoke the lively feelings associated with Mexican history and culture. Incorporate these colors into your design scheme enhance the mood of any room and create an atmosphere that encourages conversation and connection.