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a pink circle with the words i love never falls, so if it falls it was never
Background /w bible verse
Pink Aura hear, white background, w/ bible verse
someone's hand holding an open book with writing on it and the words always pray to have eyes that see the best in people
Picture memes uAoxHM4W8 by MINDFULCHRISTIANITY2_2021: 27 comments - America’s best pics and videos
the prove is written in brown and black
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an iphone screen with the message'i don't want to go home to open this
trust in God
a bunch of orange butterflies with the caption'the bible says love never falls so if it falls, just know it was love
Delight Ministries
Bible Quotes, Scripture Quotes, Bible Study, Bible Journaling, God is good, Gods plan, gods timing
a note written to someone about him
an open book with writing on it sitting on a table next to candles and other items
Never forget God
someone holding up a note that says i'm god everything you have, even if you need anything you need
How to get closer to God | Daily Habits – Just My Thoughts
the tweet has been posted on twitter for abraham waited 25 years for a prom
Waiting on God
an open bible with the words anyone can find the dirt in someone
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a quote that says those who leave everything in god's hands will eventually see god's hands in everything
harper + willow