Ugh, the priest interrupted my lunch, and have the nerve to yell at me, calling me a least I know who I'm having for dinner next.

(open rp) "What are you looking at?" I yell at a priest staring at me. "Y-your a monster!" the priest shouts and runs away.

Castiel,Ken,Nathaniel,Lysandre,Armin,Alexy Amor Doce <3  Chibi

Castiel, Lysander, Nathaniel, Armin, Kenting and Alexy

Esta es la portada de un manga que encontre en DA me parecio muy bueno el manga asi que lo subire aqui XD ,todo los derechos son de  Naesse-19 on DeviantArt

This first chapter will f. A-K Amour sucre manga cover

Armin x Su para *HanonEvans* by Naesse-19 on DeviantArt

Order for Characters for "MyCandyLove" /// If you want a commission, you can watch my prices in my journal -->>> na. Armin x Su para *HanonEvans*

amor doce

Art trade with Tomachu from my candy love ^w^ Her Su and Alexy. ________________ Alexy is [link] 's OC Art Trade