Flávia Bräkling Yokosawa

Flávia Bräkling Yokosawa

Flávia Bräkling Yokosawa
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You can probably already tell that your cats have distinct personalities. Kind of like people. They’re people-kitties. It makes sense then, that there will be other cat personalities that they just don’t mesh with. But good news: There are basic, cut-and-dry steps everyone can (and should) take that will help all the cats in your lives get along swimmingly. #cats #catbehavior

Artificial cat pheromones like Feliway can often help to soothe tense cats’ frazzled nerves. It replicates the natural pheromones cats release when they’re relaxed and happy. (Think of it as kitty chemical warfare in reverse, or cat heroin)

5 Life Hacks Fur Cat Owners

Puppies toys cats 5 Life Hacks fur Cat Owners by Cole & Marmalade -- 1 Use rubber gloves to remove fur. 2 Marinate old cat toys in catnip. 3 Make a cat cave. 5 Whack a mouse!

I built a cat tower that fits on a corner

Cat tower that fits a corner, takes up way less space and is more interactive for the kitty. Perfect for crazy Bengal Cats

Ideia pra mandar fazer :)

Pinnacle Woodcraft Cat Litter Box - Store all necessary items in the optional drawer and clean the litter box with ease using the slide-out litter tray drawer accessible by opening the side doors. 20 colors in Oak, Brown Maple, and Cherry wood.

Les chemins en hauteur pour chat

Make your pet a part of your life and home. A few ideas for how to make your apartment ready for a furry guest and like OMG! get some yourself some pawtastic adorable cat apparel!


Cat walk beams that built in open air space. Cat steps that goes up to the cat walk. Cat house under the bathroom sink. Cat door in every do.

Dicas computador

Can't remember those short cuts your children showed you on the computer? Here is a chart entitled the Essential Keyboard Shortcuts (grouped by type) that has the most commonly used computer shortcuts.