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a purple background with blue stars and the words god made no mistakes when creating you
a cross with flowers and the words he is not home, but he is risen
happy easter!
winter jam ‘24💗🧡
the words lord, please, silence my thoughts so that i can hear your voice
a smiley face with the words smile jesus loves you
the text is written in pink and purple on a white background with an image of a cross
2 Timothy 4:7-8
the words if it's pulling you away from god, it's not from god
a purple heart with the words let all that you do be done in love i corin
god's plan = my plan
an orange and white painting with the words he has risen
happy easter! always remember the true meaning behind the seasons.
15 Christian Daily Affirmations
the words christ is in me, i am enough on a white and blue background
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