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Keep your house smelling good

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Thanks to this tip my house smells like rich people's house! | house | Thanks to this tip my house smells like rich people's house! | By Bezerra good Tips | Thanks to this tip, my house now smells like a rich people's house. You really gotta try this today. That's right folks. After this tip, the smell in your house will never be the same. So this is what you're going to do. Take a line and then make two cuts on it. First, I'm going to cut it like this. But don't cut all the way through, all right? Just go ahead and cut it like this. And now let's go here. Like a cross. All right, great. And now let's do the following. Take a little container and put the line in, like so. I'M going to use three because I'm going to show you three variations, okay? So after that, now you need corset. And we're going to use only one tablespoon here. So go ahead and add one tablespoon of coarse salt. And the same for the other ones. Alright, now guys, we're going to need alcohol. This one I'm using is 46%, but you can also use the 90% instead. And here we're going to add three tablespoons. One, Two. Three. And same thing in the other ones. And here it is. This one is ready folks. If you like a lime scent or citrus scent you can leave it in the bathroom. Or on a shelf in the living room. And it's going to smell very pleasant. Alright so now in this other one I'm going to use fabric softener. Let's add here only half a cap. You can use whatever brand you like by the way. But if possible, use a concentrated one. Otherwise, it smell won't be as present. So let's go ahead and add a little fabric softener here. And in the last one, I'M going to use cloves, all right? Because in addition to the smell of lime, it'll also help to scare away insects. Because they don't like the smell of cloves, especially mosquitoes, which is great. So just put some cloves in there and it's good to go folks. And here I like to them around the house. This one for instance I like to put in the bathroom. This other one I like to leave it in the living room. All right? So it's going to leave a very nice smell because the fabric softener. And this one I place near windows. As this will help to keep mosquitoes out of the house. All right? So that's it folks. Try at home. Because I'm sure you're going to like it a lot.
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