Diferentes tipos de pontos de bordado mão

Different types hand embroidery stitches

how to embroider a ribbon rose

Ribbon embroidery rose: stitch spokes with very narrow ribbon. Thread a wide-eyed needle with larger ribbon. Twist the ribbon and weave over and under the spokes until it is full.

fantail stitch

Fantail embroidery stitch - love the use of colours would look great used for interiors pr a bed spread:

tree with a lot of french knots

Stitch Your Own Garden!

9 Ways to Use a French Knot In Your Needlework There are so many different stitch options when it comes to hand embroidery and the French knot is a stunning, yet easy one to master. Now, when you hear the word knot, you may not thing beautiful…

"punto filza" embroidery on towel - I remember doing this when I was a little girl

"punto filza" embroidery on towel -saving for later. Ideas are flowing.