Bruno Beraldo de Oliveira

Bruno Beraldo de Oliveira

Bruno Beraldo de Oliveira
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so green!! beautiful planted nano tank <3Nature Aquarium | Aquascaping | Aqua Design | Planted Aquariums

Nature Aquarium, Aquascaping and planted aquarium inspirations. Nature Aquarium is a concept of the planted aquarium introduced by Japanese photographer and aquarist Takashi Amano founder of Aqua Design Amano (ADA).

Your Invited!  Wine & Cheese Paired with Aquarium Fun! What: Join us on our first ever nano-tank walkthrough, that will cover planted displays, and letting your creativity out!  What a fantastic time! Wine and cheese tastings and your custom tank set-up goes home with you!

Pre-Set Up Nano Aquariums for Sale. Perfect for that one spot that is lacking a tank at home or an office.

Immersed Wabi Kusa.

Summary: Good aquarium guides for Salt Water Aquarium are not easy to find but I can offer you good ebook to this topic .