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FotoLog - Magazine 2020

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Os 15 desenhos mais curtidos do ano no Drawing2me - Blog Tattoo2me

Você conhece o nosso perfil dedicado apenas à desenhos e artes? Vem conhecer! Listamos os desenhos mais curtidos do último ano! ❤

Every Day, I Draw One Animal Letter A Day To Teach My Son The Alphabet

After having a baby in summer of 2014 I decided that it was time I broke free of my boring web design career and just start drawing. I began with the letter 'A' and drew an Armadillo and continued on and with one drawing per day until I made my way through the entire alphabet.

Coisas que ninguém fala sobre responsabilidade emocional

Frequentemente eu tenho visto inúmeros textos falando sobre a famigerada “responsabilidade emocional”, mas pouco se fala sobre as implicações práticas e nas variáveis que se mostram como obstáculos…

aprenda a desenhar

Aprenda a desenhar mesmo que você não tenha nascido com "dom do desenho"

Fineliner Ink and Pencil Animal Drawings

Pencil drawings and fineliners, to increase the contrast and accentuate the detailing. Psdelux gives another instalment of his great art, to see more of it on DesignStack, check the link below this paragraph. Mostly animals we are used to seeing on a daily basis, in books or documentaries on TV, with a couple of noticeable exceptions: the dinosaur Triceratops and Anubis, who in Egyptian mythology, was the God of the dead. It is believed that because the African golden wolf, also known as the…

Calf piece by JonToogood on DeviantArt

Took far too long Calf piece