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someone is holding the label on their green shirt that says, $ 17 99 cotton made in india
Olive button tank
a person's left hand holding a piece of clothing with the word ginger g on it
Blue dress
94% rayon 6% spandex Hand wash cold Do not bleach Line dry Do not iron Made in USA S
a person with their fingers on a piece of fabric that has been torn off and is pointing at it
Clash tank
100% cotton Machine wash cold Tumble dry low Remove promptly No bleach Made in usa S
a person is holding up a label on a dress
Black rose crop
someone is holding a t - shirt with the label on it
Black sports bra
a pair of scissors are on top of a blue and white patterned shirt with tags attached to it
Long sleeve blouse
the label on an old black jacket that has been worn by someone elsee's
Black poly jacket
someone is holding a razor blade in their left hand and the other one has a tag on it
Lavender sweater
the label is on an orange blanket with black and white writing that says, will table
Pink peach sweater
the label is attached to an unbuttoned white shirt with flowers on it
a label on a white sweater that says loft
a label on a sweater that says susina and is next to the tag
White speckled sweater
the label is attached to a sweater that says no boundaries and has an image of a woman's face on it
Grey sweats