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a closet with drawers, shelves and a large mirror on the wall above it that says diy closet storage
Warm Home Aesthetic - Walk In Closet
My walk-in closet has come a long way in the last 4 weeks. Standard walk-ins are about 7’x10’, and mine is less than 7’x8’. Layout and organization makes a big difference in how a space feels. The mirror might seem like a waste of prime hanging space, but I think it makes the room feel more open and inviting. “Come on in and fold some laundry. And maybe eat some Oreos hidden in one of those jars.” 😂
a person holding a black door handle with the words instaling diy magnetic doorstop
Stopping Doors From Slamming- Easy Home DIY
Today we’re talking about doorstops. Living in Hawaii, we kept our windows open most of the time. I loved that great weather and get the trade winds kept us cool, but it meant our doors were constantly slamming shut! I found these magnetic doorstops while browsing around a home improvement store one day and took them home and installed them. Game. Changer! WOW.
an advertisement for a home decor show
Price Drop!- Home Decor Floor Mirror on Sale
Save $144 on these standing floor mirrors at Walmart! #LTKhome#LTKfindsunder100#LTKsalealert
a woman laying on top of a bed in a bedroom
a small tree in a black pot with the words build and create under $ 30
ucalyptus Silk Plants in Pot, Faux Plastic Eucalyptus Tree with Durable Plastic Trunk
These artificial eucalyptus trees are on major sale! #LTKfindsunder50#LTKsalealert#LTKhome Share:
the living room furniture is featured in this article
Amazon Modern Living Room Furniture Roundup
Transitional living room furniture from Amazon! #LTKfindsunder100#LTKhome
the bathroom vanity is shown in different styles and colors
Bathroom Vanity for all Price Ranges
You can watch me remodel my bathroom with a Home Depot vanity here check out some similar vanities in different price ranges!
there are pictures of different rooms in the house
Build and Create Home- Storage Solutions
I've never met a closet, a laundry room, a bathroom or a home office I couldn't organize! Follow along on my socials to bring more storage to your life.
a woman standing in front of a book shelf with baskets and books on the shelves
DIY Perfect For Small Home Office
For homes in the U.S., the standard spacing is 16" on center, so my vertical pieces are spaced 32" on center. If yours are spaced more than 32", please keep shelf strength in mind and consider either doubling the plywood or using a hardwood instead; otherwise, you may find your shelves sagging over time. Please also note that you will need enough room on either end to be able to slide the shelves in. I'll be sharing a solution for tight spaces in an upcoming project!
Stop your doors from slamming- in under five minutes!
If you like to keep your doors open- but you HATE when they slam, I have the perfect easy peasy 5 minute DIY for you! I found these magnetic doorstops while browsing around a home improvement store one day and took them home and installed them. Game. Changer! WOW.
a living room design board with furniture and decor
Studio McGee living room inspo
Neutral living room decor including rug, ottoman, coffee table, lamp, blanket basket, and oversized chair from Studio McGee at Target
a woman is sitting on the stairs in her home
Stair Makeover!
If you want to read details about how the stair makeover happened, buy supplies or see where the rugs came from, you can read that here! As promised: Basement stairs makeover! #stairmakeover #stairsmakeover #basement #diyhome #diyproject
Schlage Keyless Entry
Obsessed with this keyless lock. Know who locked and unlocked your door, and be able to secure your home from ANYWHERE! #LTKCyberWeek#LTKhome#LTKVideo
a man is climbing up the stairs with his tennis racket
Basement Stairs Makeover - Build and Create Home
Basement Stairs Makeover - Build and Create Home
Build a breakfast bar with in-stock cabinets
Difficulty: Medium Tools • Miter saw • Table saw • Sander • Multi-tool • Drill