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a card with buttons on it sitting on a shelf
a framed heart is sitting on top of a mantle
Tu tienda de pinturas online
Efecto pixelado con recortes de papel pintado.
the table is covered with pink and green fabric, which has been cut into hexagonal shapes
Unos cuadros muy originales de tela o papel
paper quilt. There are a million variations in this. I love it!!
a multicolored mobile with circles hanging from it's side on a wooden stick
rainbow mobile
several different colors of paint on top of each other with squares and rectangles
Paint Chip Greeting Cards | Chica and Jo
paint chip art
the word joy is made out of multicolored paper stars on a white wall
three framed art pieces on a table with one showing an orange, yellow and green pattern
10 Easy Upcycled DIY Home Décor Projects
paint chip wall art. fun and elementary.
there is a tree made out of puzzles next to scissors and other crafting supplies
paint chip crafts for kids
there are many circles on the wall and one is multicolored with white background
Paint Chips.....
a potted plant sitting on top of a wooden table next to a framed painting
True Blue Me & You DIYs for Creatives
a child is making colorful paper circles on the floor
DIY circle punch art
mer mag: DIY circle punch art
a patchwork quilt on the ground with dots and squares all over it's surface
Pour les paresseuses ou les débordées créatives (comme moi!!) - L' Atelier d Emma
a person holding up a large piece of paper with letters all over it
Mod Podge on Canvas Ideas for Your Wall
Magazine letters on with family names and family traditions... I also think I will do this with my teenage daughter...let all her friends put their names and favorites of the moment during a sleepover to make cute funky art for her room
a white table topped with a cup filled with liquid next to a colorful wall hanging
Scrap-buster Fabric Canvas Art: DIY
a white table topped with a vase filled with flowers next to a painting on the wall
Thanksgiving Family Crafts & Traditions
Thanksgiving Family Crafts & Traditions
two vases are sitting next to each other on a shelf, one is decorated with colorful paper and the other has an apple
{DIY} No Sew Quilt Wall Art Tutorial
The Preppy Strawberry | No Sew Wall Quilt (on canvas)
a quilt made to look like monsters with the words scary squares on it
Putting Fusible Adhesive to the Test - Shiny Happy World
Wendi gratz monster quilt
a sewing machine sitting on top of a table next to a piece of paper that has been cut
Let the Auction begin!
an art project made out of colored paper circles on a wooden floor with a white wall in the background
a multicolored patchwork pattern on a canvas mounted to the wall above a bed
Flea market Fancy – Coriander Quilts
mod podged fabric onto canvas= wall art
a quilted wall hanging with many different colored squares on it's sides and one block in the middle
Happy News!
Flourishing Palms: Happy News!
three pieces of art hanging on the wall
Ticker Tape Canvas
Ticker Tape Canvas
four different colored squares with black, yellow and pink designs on them in bright colors
Radial Design Monoprints