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the first annual golden satellite awards is on display at the national press academy in washington, d c
an award is displayed on top of a black stand with a silver medallion in the center
Fun Fact: The “Tony Award,” formally the Antoinette Perry Award, is named in honor of Antoinette Perry, chairman of the board and secretary of the American Theatre Wing throughout World War II. During the first two years of the Tonys (1947-1948), there was no official Tony award; the winners were presented with a scroll and either a cigarette lighter for the men or a compact for the women.
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Miss Universe award
a trophy sitting on top of a blue pedestal in front of a purple and red background
a tennis player with a green medal around his neck
jannik sinner
the trophy is on display in front of an empty soccer field at a sporting event
Top 14 🇫🇷 (France) Rugby
a gold statue holding two balls on top of a white base with pink and yellow trim
a man standing in front of a cake with a crown on top and other items behind it
The crown of Faustin 1 is the crown of Faustin-Élie Soulouque, who ruled as President of Haiti from 1847 to 1849 and as Emperor Faustin I of Haiti from 1849 to 1859. The crown is decorated with Emeralds, Diamands, Garnets, and other jewels. It is being exhibited in the Musée du Panthéon National Haïtien (MUPANAH). Our Rich Haitian History @MUPANAH Museum of The Haitian National Pantheon Place des Héros de l'indépendance #FaustinÉlieSoulouque #MuséeDuPanthéonNationalHaïtien #UltimateHaitiExperie
an ornate clock is on display in a glass case with other decorative items around it
Wystawa Nowy Skarbiec Wawel 21.11.23👑
a silver and black trophy sitting on top of a white table