porcelanato; porcelanato que imita madeira; porcelanato que imita madeira na cozinha; porcelanato na sala; ideias de sala com porcelanato de madeira; madeir

Decor: Porcelanatos que imitam madeira

Honestly. You two are hopeless. Come anywhere near your feet and you're in stitches. Well I'm loving my foot massage. Wines nit bad either.

curtains notice how the clients' chairs must be ELEVATED to be ergonomic for the techs to do work! i'd make a box/stage out of cedar so it'd smell nice and deck out the salon with succulents on the wall and go with a clean garden theme!

Olhar empreendedor: Nail Bar - Que Novidade é Essa?

Great way to display a Nail station, draws attention to the area, nail areas deserve a beautiful attention grabbing wall like this

Perspectiva ilustrada de Sala Massagem

Bamboo spa room, window covering wall to wall, indirect lights from false celing,big and plain mirrows , earth elements to give to this room peace and relaxation

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