Tá na dúvida na hora de servir as bebidas? Dá uma olhada nesse guia super prático! #copo #drink #dica #infografico

chart of types of glasses and the drinks they are associated with.


I looooove Lapis Lazuli well, I love everyone on Steven Universe. Except Onion. That kid has issues<<same. I think lapis is my favorite gem but seriously what is up with onion. He's got more issues than bill cipher!

Ironman mk VII

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Amo Haruhi x gêmeos Hitachiin, principalmente por causa das reações do Tamaki >u<

I love Haruhi x Twins So much fun ;) Ouran: Haruhi and The Twins by ~sapphireyuriko on deviantART Mostly Haruhi and Hikaru

posters para o quarto da criançada

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