Cássia Regina

Cássia Regina

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Cássia Regina
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task boxes

Numeral Identification & Number Concepts-- using hammer and nails! Could be for a construction/build-it theme, or an "on the job" theme unit with a focus on builders~


Easy Fireworks Painting for Kids Simple fireworks painting idea for kids using DIY toilet paper roll firework stamp. Danya Banya Really want excellent hints regarding arts and crafts?

tűzijáték - ragasztó + só + vízfesték

Firework Salt Painting - Busy Mommy Media Salt Painting - This is such a cool project! I love that it only uses a few materials and it looks so fun! Need great tips and hints concerning arts and crafts?

No offense

Southern women know how to say what comes AFTER "no offense" without saying "no offense" first, so it's more of a surprise. MUCH more fun that way. (This is why I never say no offense)

Debra Morgan expanding your vocabulary

Funny pictures about Debra Morgan expanding your vocabulary. Oh, and cool pics about Debra Morgan expanding your vocabulary. Also, Debra Morgan expanding your vocabulary.