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jars filled with buttons and glass jars on top of a white shelf next to the words, what to put in large glass jars
What To Put In Large Glass Jars For Decoration -
When it comes to deciding what to put in large glass jars for decoration, there are a ton of great options. However, depending upon where you plan to display this decor, you may want to select one idea over another. In this post, we'll take a look at different jar filler options and how to decide which one is right for you. #jarfiller #jarfillerideas #homedecor #decor #decoratingonabudget
some plants with dirt in them and the words 7 terratic tips for using coffee grounds on houseplants
7 Terrific Tips for Using Coffee Grounds on Houseplants
Discover ways to use fresh or leftover coffee grounds to fertilize indoor plants and promote healthy plant growth. Use grounds to amend the soil of a houseplant or feed an indoor plant with a liquid fertilizer to give your plant a boost of nutrients. #coffee #grounds #houseplants
some pink flowers are sitting on top of a table and in front of a green chair
10 Indoor Plants That Love Coffee
Caffeine is not only enjoyed by humans, but there are some Houseplants That Love Coffee too! Surprised? Check the list below.
a woman sitting in front of a window with her hands on the edge of the window sill
Removable Window Shelf for Plants
Even in the dead of winter, I am buying plants. My husband thinks I'm crazy, (Yeah, crazy plant lady!) but he supports my love for greenery any way he can. Most recently, he helped me create more space indoors to contain my growing number of plants. I also needed a spot high enough that our dog wouldn't be able to nibble them. (See shredded peace lily below.) The simple solution was to make a removable shelf in a sunny window. Here's what we did:(1) We bought a 1x8x6 pine board an…
a white curtain hanging in front of a window with the words stylish and budget - friendly windows treatments
Inexpensive Window Treatments: A Guide of Stylish Options
a white house with two potted plants on the front steps and a yellow door
How To Get Perfect Curb Appeal
a small white house with a flag on the front door and bushes in front of it
What Is Cape Cod Architecture?
the instructions for how to install an aluminum gutter and gutter guardrails
Setting Up Shop – Hand Power Tools – The Woodworking Shop
the front door is painted yellow and has two potted plants next to it on the porch
20 Front Porch Makeover Ideas
a white house with two potted plants on the front steps and a yellow door
35 Curb Appeal Ideas for the Best Front Yard on the Block