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a living room filled with lots of art on the wall and paintings hanging above it
an art piece with many lines and birds flying over it in front of a white wall
purple and red curtains are lit up in the dark
an open door leading into a room with paintings on the wall and wooden floors in front of it
an easel sitting in the middle of a room next to two mannequins
blue and yellow stairs leading up to a skylight
a room filled with lots of art and furniture
an eye is projected on the wall in front of a television screen with green eyes
a yellow house with green shutters and a clock on the front porch, next to a tree
a hallway with wooden floors and paintings on the wall, along with stairs leading up to another room
the light is on in an empty room with many pieces of art hanging from the ceiling
a house with a tree in front of it and some plants on the sidewalk below