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the article is about how to use an inflatable pool for swimming and other activities
Project Aims to Uncover Hundreds of Buried Rivers in São Paulo, Brazil
an image of a website page with blue and white text on the bottom right corner
Blue City São Paulo platform
a woman crouches down to place something on the ground
The Blue City: Green River
Video: Green River
a man looking out the window of a boat at the ocean while holding something in his hand
Viva a Mata 2016 I SOS Mata Atlântica
S.O.S. Mata Atlantica Video
the blue city website is displayed in black and white
Red Bull Amaphiko
Amaphiko platform
Gif media
an image of a facebook page that is being used as a postcard for business
Security Check
Facebook page
an image of a woman in front of a house with the caption'the biggest problems, the best solution '
Red Bull Amaphiko
Salsburg Global Seminar
a woman kneeling down next to a skateboard on the side of a road and looking at it
The Blue City
Blue City site
a group of people standing next to each other on top of a field with a sign
The Blue City: The Meeting of Three Rivers - YouTube
Video: The Meeting of Three Rivers
an aerial view of a city with the words sao paulo is the largest city in brazil
The Blue City: presentation
Video about the water crisis in São Paulo and Blue City
the blue cities website is displayed in two different screens, one with an image of a person on a boat
UN WATER - The Blue cities
a person holding a cell phone in their hand and texting on the screen above it
Conference | SXSW Conference & Festivals
Finalist at SXSW ECO
an image of a website page with many people on the front and back pages, including two men and one woman sitting at a table
Salzburg Global Seminar
Salsburg Global Seminar