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An Erifef gif (ha ha ha ha) by salihombox on tumblr

At the beggining I thought he was just take her in his arms but.

What exactly are you on, mr captor? Lol

What exactly are you on, mr captor? Lol Edit: He fried his brain to save his friends and sacrificed his mind so they would live.


This is my new favorite thing---> i don't care if I already pinned this, ponpon dirk is great

it's a little Karkat gif. This is what being a fan looks like.

i don't exactly know what is happening here but its karat and its funny so i don't care XD

y-fu: There’s no place like home

y-fu: There’s no place like home---> even when you're. STUCK there.

Ready to school

Ready to school

I wonder if the Disney fans that re-pin this know that these are actually characters from Homestuck...

This is so bloody adorable and I don't even ship it. I'm not gonna start any shipping wars on here though. <<< calm down I ship everything.