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Crimson Avenger from Elsword

Anime picture with elsword elesis (elsword) ress long hair single tall image looking at viewer red eyes bare shoulders fringe yellow eyes red hair standing holding official art transparent background standing on one leg expressionless girl dress

Elesis CA Elsword

elsword elesis elesis (elsword) sketch bare shoulders bent knees black gloves black handwear black legwear bodysuit breasts choker cleavage elbow gloves female gloves long hair pantyhose parted lips red eyes red hair sitting solo sword thighhighs weapon

A Demon's Fate CA Elesis Elsword

black gloves black legwear blood blood on face dark knight (elsword) elbow gloves elesis (elsword) elsword eyebrows visible through hair gloves hair between eyes highres holding holding sword holding weapon long hair looking at viewer one knee orange



Botan Saionji from Akai Katana

-barrier-: (via akai katana black hair black legwear boots closed eyes garters gloves jpeg artifacts katana long hair miniskirt necktie saionji botan sheath sheathed simple background skirt solo sword tachikawa mushimaro thighhighs weapon white b

grafika anime art, elesis, and elsword<-- Colored version of that other picture I posted before~

Anime picture with elsword elesis (elsword) crimson avenger (elsword) hwansang long hair single tall image looking at viewer light erotic breasts fringe yellow eyes red hair midriff armpit (armpits) payot arms up girl dress underwear