Hardanger - Muito lindo e delicado

And this is how my "perfect picot" is done. It is not my technique but stitched according to Janice Love's instructions. I am workin.

Изящная игольница - бискорню. / Цветочное настроение / PassionForum - мастер-классы по рукоделию

бискорно и другое

This site is pretty much useless to attempt access, but I am saving for the idea of cross stitching white on white.

Tecnica en Hardanger - Cruz Grega

Animated demonstrations of stitches used in Hardanger needlework. Techniques include creating Kloster Blocks, Woven Bars, Dove's Eyes, Buttonhole Corners, an.

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Hardanger heart by Lhasa (It& been so long since I did any cross stitch.