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an artistically painted piece of art with pink flowers on black paper and green leaves
Tutorial: How to design a delicate lace pattern
Paint a sign with me!
Watch me paint a house sign commission! After hand drawing my design and showing the clients a mock up sketch, I’m ready to paint the lettering. I add beautiful canal roses and dsisies to frame the lettering. Let me paint you a sign for your home or business. Hit me up with your ideas and I’ll be delighted to design and paint yours!
Wedding sign commission with canal roses 🌹🌹🌹
Purple watercolour flower painting
A chinoiserie-style watercolor painting on silk paper using gouache paint and chinoiserie brushes for the finest details. This painting technique is used through all of my paintings and artworks available on my website and painted on silk paper (which you can also purchase if you'd like to try this style yourself!)
✨️💫 COLORFUL Brush Strokes Flower Painting 🟣🔴
an image of the back of a t - shirt that reads treino de hortasias
Dica para treino de hortênsias
two paintings of purple and white flowers in a vase
Técnica fácil de pintura acrílica/Como pintar flores tutorial
a painting of purple flowers in a blue vase