One if the best gifs I’ve seen in a while!

One if the best gifs I’ve seen in a while! - lilsquiddy

Kaido Long sleeve Jersey, Merino long sleeve cycling jersey

Menswear & Accessories Designer Cyclist/ Runner Jacket Junkie Menswear obsessive "A man should look as if he has bought his clothes with intelligence, put them on with care and then forgotten all about them.

Yeti Cycles Norrie Women's Shorts

Yeti Cycles Norrie Short - Women's

Presenting itself as the all-mountain Queen of the Yeti Cycles apparel line, the Norrie Shorts focus on durability over weight. As a result, the Norrie shorts are intended for the aggressive rider, not the weekend warrior.

Specialized Bicycle Components

The SWAT bibs allow you to have pockets under your mountain bike clothes so your gear stays tight to your body and you look like a pro. Having a pair of these bibs will change you.

ASS- (500×500)

ASS- (500×500)

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