Who could eat this?!? Too cute!!

Cool and Creative Food Art Ideas

Scrambled Eggs and Brown Rice "Sleeping Teddy Bear". Win the best mom of the year award when you fix this breakfast for your kids! Too adorable. Just takes flat omelette like eggs, cheese and brown rice.

Chicken nuggets

The Man Who Invented Chicken Nuggets—18 Years Before McDonald’s Did

Eggplant Nuggets - Would definitely want to alter this recipe a bit for flavor, price and ease (Whole wheat panko vs almonds)- but love the idea!


Fried Goat Udders - Which one seems more ethnic? What is ethnic food? America prides itself on its c.

Rainbow cake

We can endow food the most beautiful color as well as nutrition & health. Contact us and let us help you find the Colors that make sense for your food or beverage. Check my board for recipe cake

Taste the rainbow cake

bright and beautiful layer cake . luv this interpretation of the Rainbow Cake . not rainbow order, but the colors are there . thick frosting oozes out between layers .


Fat tax on junk food and advertising restrictions could save 100,000 lives a year: experts

Chocolate Bars - Twix/Mars/Milkyway/Maltesers sometimes they just have to be eaten!

Looks good


Business entertaining always welcomes that of traditional food (rice, noodles, bread, dessert) at dinner parties. Knives -which relate to a bad historical past, is not usually set at the dinner table.

Cookie Monster cupcake

Cookie Monster cupcake - use a Wilton tip (gives you 11 streams of icing instead of one), used marshmallows and black icing for the eyes (similar to the elmo cupcakes on this board) and I cut the cookies in half to stick in the icing. They loved them!

Tiger melon

Funny pictures about Watermelon Lion. Oh, and cool pics about Watermelon Lion. Also, Watermelon Lion photos.

Melon turtle

Saw this Turtle Fruit basket, and had to SHARE! Using the Watermelon as a base, you can create the bowl to serve a Fruit salad in! The turtle was a pretty cute idea though, I must say! WAY TO USE THAT WATERMELON!


Yin & Yang Martini - my FAVORITE drink from The Melting Pot, got the recipe from a bartender there - 1 oz Stolichnaya Vanil Vodka, oz Godiva White Chocolate Liqueur, oz White Crème de Cacao, 3 oz Island Oasis Ice Cream base