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In Bella yin and yang is very important. Usually you want to be yang. Because in Bella yin is the rich, noble, and high standard people. But if your yin your usually poor, sad, and have very few children or even none.


Inner right arm tattoo idea Original post: It's okay, Pluto's astronomical symbol doesn't look very good anyway. Also, Uranus's symbol in this picture is the astrological version. Other than that everything's good.

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breve história ilustrada da humanidade

Árvore Genealógica dos Deuses Gregos.

Árvore Genealógica dos Deuses Gregos.

This family tree is a greek god family tree, it shows some of the main Greeks gods that lived back then such as Zeus.

Árvore Genealógica dos Deuses Egípcios.                                                                                                                                                      Mais

Árvore Genealógica dos Deuses Egípcios.

Egyptian God Family Tree Today's infographic is a crash course in Egyptian history. After reading about Nun, the source of all Egyptian gods, I immediately noticed how little I know

Árvore Genealógica dos Deuses Nórdicos.

Árvore Genealógica dos Deuses Nórdicos.

Mapa do mundo: Mitologia.

altug: “ Map of World Mythology ” ” Whaddaya think, guys? Simple, but pretty! ” to every “world” mythology book ever written: hey look.

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the use of dotted lines in this design is interesting but distracts from the focus points of the stars.