Neon Crown - The Cool Hunter Putting a crown and tiara above mine and my future husbands sides of the bed

Neon Crown

Our bespoke Neon Crown wall piece is sure to impress and add character to any space.

Steven Universe World

So Steven Universe is an interesting one. Basically gem aliens who can fuse together, kinda like a warped version of digimon, and it challenges a TON of social norms, but that's sort of what makes it really unique,

SU Headcanon Trans 2(EDIT) by BunnyofCPZ on DeviantArt

SU Headcanon Trans by BunnyofCPZ on DeviantArt I dont know I think male Rose would be fluffy and have a giant beard and fem greg would have supper short hair. but beautiful art<-- gender swap

Oiii. Passei para te dar um Oizinho.

Oiii. Passei para te dar um Oizinho.

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O que pode ser pior do que a friendzone? É com profundo pesar que informo que o falecimento do rapaz foi confirmado hoje as 11:34. O enterro será esta tarde.

O que pode ser pior do que a friendzone?

Garnet of the crystal gems by TheCocaColaXD on DeviantArt

So i've been watching Stevens Universe lately - like much of the rest of the internet - and ofc i had to draw something. Here's a pic of the ulti bae, Garnet! (I really liked her traini.